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Regulatory Compliance and Defence

Toronto Tarion Warranty Corporation Lawyer For Builders & Developers

We have considerable experience handling investigations, enforcement, complaints and registration matters under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act ("ONHWPA") and dealing with investigators, lawyers, and representatives of the Tarion Warranty Corporation.

Our clients include large and small-scale developers, residential and commercial builders and sub-contractors regulated by the ONHWPA and Tarion Warranty Corporation.

We have the legal knowledge and experience to identify problems and solve them with minimum time and cost that maintains the builder’s business and reputation in a competitive market.

Given our experience as former prosecutors and external legal counsel for related regulators, we have the particular knowledge of the various challenges to compliance in this area. This also makes us particularly effective to fight back against Tarion prosecutions and deal with all forms of litigation and arbitration arising out of the ONHWPA.


  • Advised builders, developers and sub-contractors regarding the registration, reporting and compliance with ONHWPA
  • Advised developers and builders on Tarion registration and reporting requirements
  • Represented builders and developers in court proceedings or before the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) on issues concerning registration, breach of warranty, security requirements, guarantees and liability coverage
  • Represented builders and developers under investigation by the Tarion Warranty Corporation
  • Defended builders, developers and sub-contractors charged with offences or facing prosecutions under the ONHWPA