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Toronto Debt Collection and Recovery Lawyer

The Debt Collection and Recovery Group at Chand Snider LLP successfully recovers hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of individuals and businesses each year.  As a law firm, we are more effective than debt collection agencies and debt collectors because we implement an array of strategies and tools to save you time and money and provide with you with the optimum chance of recovering losses.  

We keep our clients informed and in control by first advising clients on the real prospect of recovery.  Our lawyers may also choose to conduct advanced searches on debtors including prior bankruptcy filings, judgements, payment history, and asset searches in order to assess the likelihood of recovery and enforcement of creditors rights.  

We understand the importance of securing a debtor’s assets and will actively pursue all required or suggested relief possible.  Where needed, we will obtain injunctions and other emergency measures to protect a creditor’s rights.  Importantly, our lawyers are also experienced in determining whether or not a debtor has assets, the location of assets, whether they have been fraudulently conveyed or hidden, or dealt with contrary to the Assignments and Preferences Act and/or Fraudulent Conveyances Act

We understand the legal expenses associated with debt collection are important factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue repayment from a debtor and for this reason and others we offer flexible billing solutions, including contingency fee arrangements and flat fees for our preferred or suitable clients. 

Our team of debt collection and recovery lawyers work hard to achieve the best possible results.  We understand the importance of swift, resourceful action where debt is involved and act quickly to secure assets, protect creditor’s rights, and ensure debt matters are handled effectively.


  • Obtained injunctive relief concerning assets of intended defendant in possession of third party (Mareva or freezing order);
  • Collected unpaid debts for sale of goods and international sale of goods;
  • Enforced payment of promissory note;
  • Enforced return of valuable assets;
  • Enforced Ontario and foreign judgments;
  • Enforced general security agreements;
  • Successfully traced and recovered offshore assets;
  • Obtained order for disclosure by third party regarding assets and location of assets of intended defendants (Norwich Order);
  • Obtained certificate pending litigation to be registered on land;
  • Obtained writ of seizure and sale of land; and
  • Garnished debtors bank accounts and salaries.

Contact Chand Snider LLP for unparalleled representation in debt collection and enforcement. Our highly skilled team of debt collection and recovery lawyers will help find the most effective solution for you and resolve your issue in an efficient and cost-effective way. Call us at 416-583-2377 to find out how we can assist you.


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