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Regulatory Compliance and Defence

Toronto Motor Vehicle Dealers Act Lawyer

We have considerable experience handling investigations, enforcement, complaints and disciplinary matters under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and dealing with investigators, lawyers, and representatives of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)

Our lawyers have over a decade of combined experience representing automotive dealerships, salespersons, and businesses in defence of charges under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and assisting in licensing issues.  

We have an ideal combination of skills for this area of law. Most of our clients come to us in this area because they are facing a licence issue with the regulator or have been charged with an offence. Legal responses to these challenges require an understanding of the relevant legislation and the licencing process. Our clients are therefore relieved that regardless of how their particular issue might evolve legal support can come from one law firm.


  • Successfully represented licence holders threatened with Notice of Proposal to Revoke or Refuse to Renew a Licence before the Licence Appeal Tribunal.
  • Successfully represented licence holders charged with offences under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.
  • Successfully represented licence holders in appeal of decisions of the Licence Appeal Tribunal to the Divisional Court.
  • Successfully represented businesses and individuals under investigation by the OMVIC.


A Primer on the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council