Chand Snider Launches Dedicated Cannabis Law Group

TORONTO, Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At Chand Snider LLP, we recently announced and celebrated the launch of a dedicated Cannabis Law Group and are pleased to share the news release here:

With less than a month before Canada legalizes the recreational use of cannabis, it appears the Province of Ontario will be turning to private retailers to sell cannabis in private locations.  Companies and businesses in Ontario will need to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities which will be rewarded to first applicants and entrants to the market.

There is no doubt the legalized recreational cannabis market will have an impact on the economy. “With the end of cannabis prohibition will come new opportunities for Canadian businesses,” explains Murray Snider, Partner at Chand Snider LLP.  “Both federal and provincial regulations will be enacted to develop a system to govern the production, sale and distribution of recreational use cannabis.  In Ontario, it is expected there will be very strict licensing and compliance requirements for the issuance of cannabis retail licenses and only a select few will be successful.”

Chand Snider LLP has assisted cannabis license applications in other provinces and has now launched a dedicated cannabis group of the firm in Ontario. At Chand Snider LLP, “we have unrivaled experience in the licensing and regulatory field,” explains Pradeep Chand, Partner at Chand Snider LLP.  “We have assisted thousands of businesses and business owners across Ontario with issues related to licensing and regulatory compliance.  Our years of experience in advising clients in highly regulated industries will be an invaluable advantage for you and your company.”

Chand Snider LLP is a boutique law firm in Ontario which has been at the forefront of the licensing and regulatory field. With offices in both the financial district in Toronto and in Ottawa, Chand Snider LLP now has a dedicated Cannabis Law Group which is committed to serving our clients throughout Ontario.

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