About The Firm

With offices on Toronto’s Bay Street and Ottawa’s legal district Chand Snider provides clients with a wide range of litigation services.

Our founding partners, Pradeep Chand and Murray Snider, developed strong reputations as litigators while working at boutique firms in Toronto’s core. Pradeep and Murray decided to strike out on their own in March 2016 with an understanding that complex litigation is most effectively handled by smaller teams of responsive, intelligent and experienced lawyers.

Most of our clients face a threat to their reputation, livelihood or business in some way. We understand that it can take years to develop a good name and relatively little time to diminish them as a result of a lawsuit, criminal charge, regulatory challenge or disciplinary hearing. We are therefore prepared to vigorously defend our clients from any threat to their reputation, profession or business and give each case the personalized attention it deserves.

We run a business too and realize that your satisfaction is directly tied to whether the work we are doing as lawyers makes good business sense. We strive to learn your industry and the problems you face and are often called upon to offer advice on a wide variety of issues.

Drawing on our experience as litigators, we offer a unique perspective and are able to consider how a matter would play out if it went to trial to try and solve the problems before they escalate. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we are prepared and do some of our best work in the courtroom.

By keeping a careful eye on the time we bill and the expenses we incur, we make sure that the fees we charge are in line with the results we achieve. In the end, we know that you are likely to be a long term client only if the work we do has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Trial experience on Your Side

Our lawyers are courtroom advocates not merely paper litigators. We possess years of collective experience acting for plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes disputes. Our strength lies in the intellect, creativity and tenacity of our lawyers in applying those traits to achieve great results for clients in serious matters.

We are known for our advocacy and willingness to take on tough cases. We outthink and outflank our opponents and are always trial-ready. We are committed to pursuing aggressive and innovative approaches to your most challenging legal matters and are particularly attentive to the broader business, legal and public relations implications of the matters we handle.

We have achieved exceptional results for individuals who are facing an investigation or charges, administrative proceedings and civil cases all at once. Our firm possesses the necessary experience and expertise required to effectively handle complex litigation on multiple fronts. Pradeep Chand with his criminal law related experience as both prosecutor and defence counsel and Murray Snider with his years of experience in civil litigation are a formidable team who are ready and able to take on these difficult cases, protect their client’s interests and obtain the desired results.

We are available around the clock to protect and advance your interests and look forward to serving you.


Our motto, “Lions at your side”, is meant to convey the values we uphold in serving our select clients. We are fiercely protective of the rights of our clients.

This website includes the image of a lion which represents courage and protection in the face of a threat. Our clients generally come to us as a result of a legal challenge and our goal is to help them face this adversity with legal excellence and determination.

We believe it is no coincidence that a group of lions is called a “pride”. We feel honoured to stand beside our clients in their time of need.

Never Above You. Never Below You. Always Beside You. If you are involved in complex litigation, call Chand Snider LLP - Lions at Your Side ®